What ‘Savory’ Means to The Royal Stone

We begin this journey with what Savory means to the world . . . many things to different people. Webster’s dictionary defines savory as “having savor: piquantly pleasant to the mind, morally exemplary, pleasing to the sense of taste especially by reason of effective seasoning, pungently flavorful without sweetness”.

We asked one of our Chef’s, Karissa to tell us what Savory meant to her and she shared this story in her journey: “I remember working at one of my first restaurants and during the first few weeks, I was picking through the chef’s recipe book. He snatched it away from me and scolded me, telling me it was like picking through someone’s diary and should be treated with respect. Since then, I’ve realized that food can be so much more than what it seems. It can take you back to a specific time or place, and be the foundation for new memories.” For Karissa, what makes food savory reaches beyond its quality to how it can allow us to savor a moment and tell a story.
How does the expression in our kitchen translate to guests of the Royal Stone?
Here are some of the comments we found in Yelp that spoke to our food: “Intriguing ingredients, Creative food, Divine calamari, Dinner fantastic, Brunch, a hidden gem, Every portion of the meal a delight, Salmon delectable, Superb, Machaca Soupa – I could eat every day for the rest of my life, Flavor packed menu, Hands down best brunch ever, the Perfect balance of classy and approachable”. There were many other beautiful comments regarding their service, the atmosphere and the warmth they experience.

For some, the meaning of the word savory can describe the heartiness or flavor of a meal. Here at the Royal Stone, we invite you to discover for yourself, what savory means to you. We hope that we can help you create a truly unique experience and the fondest of memories!

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