One of the first things John and Jackie found in common was their European heritage. Their Italian and French mothers were young military brides who, barely speaking a word of English, bravely relocated to America to start their new lives. They raised their families with their traditional styles of cooking. Growing up, their homes were the gathering place for friends and family, always a pot on the stove and an abundance of incredible meals to be shared by all.


Executive Chef, Sara Shannon, has been integral to the pulse of the Royal Stone since day one.  She enjoys creating vibrant and savory dishes in the kitchen, and meeting guests up close and personally in the dining room.  Her love of the culinary began at childhood, and grew into an obsession such that after traditional college she decided to attend the French Culinary Institute in New York instead of grad school. After graduating second in her class, she embarked on an extensive Mediterranean study abroad. Her technique and experience has allowed her to elevate farm fresh ingredients into dishes our Royal Stone guests boast as “the best they’ve ever had”!


Our Coffee

We proudly brew Stumptown Coffee based out of Portland, Oregon. They constantly meet with producers to taste the coffee and form long-term relationships. Each cherry is hand picked at ideal ripeness and new equipment is always being implemented. Stumptown’s goal is to help farms become more sustainable while helping businesses produce and thrive for their community. Walk in for a cup to start your morning off right!

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